While working at the Melville Charitable Trust we partnered with LightBox Collaborative for two key projects, which both involved brand development and visual identities. Our experiences were collaborative, creative and fun. By using a range of games and creative brainstorming exercises we did a lot of meaningful work with LightBox in a short time, and we were thrilled with the results.

— Sarah Armour-Jones, Deputy Director, Housing Narrative Lab

Working with LightBox Collaborative has transformed the way my organization views strategic communications. Alexis and Amanda have a way of simplifying complex concepts in clever, sharp and compelling ways while always keeping larger organizational goals in mind. Their group facilitation generates productive and bonding team work thanks to their warmth and approachability. They have the very rare ability of making daunting tasks feel not just manageable- but enjoyable. I can’t recommend working with them highly enough!

— Abby Yim, Executive Director, Integrated Community Services

It’s so important to find a communications firm where you can build a genuine partnership and feeling of mutual respect to help with branding – especially developing the strategy. There are also some things in the nonprofit world that we are conditioned to do the hard way – like it can feel like cheating to have someone help with writing! But it is actually really great to realize you don’t have to be on your own every single time. LightBox Collaborative helped us come out stronger and with more hope on the other side.

— Katherine Gin, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Immigrants Rising

When we realized we needed to change our name to reflect the evolution and growth of our organization, the range of strategic issues we faced was daunting. Undeterred, we brought in LightBox Collaborative to help us explore each issue one by one. They asked the right questions, provided helpful insight and produced tools and resources in the process that continue to guide us to this day. Both the process and the results were fantastic

— Eveline Shen, Executive Director, Forward Together

Our work with LightBox Collaborative was, quite simply, transformative. We came to them in the middle of a rebrand, seeking guidance on how to effectively bring our various constituents on that journey with us. To say they jumped in with both feet is an understatement. They are thoughtful and strategic partners from the get go; they immediately understood what we were looking for, set out clear deliverables, and provided us with the tools we needed to step out of the shadows as a behind the scenes organization and move into our collective expertise and power. We went from an organization with no communications guidelines or consistent key messaging to one that employs a cohesive communications strategy used by all staff across all aspects of our work. We wholeheartedly recommend them to allied organizations looking for strategic communications knowledge and guidance.

— Sabrina Adrus, JD, Former Executive Director, If/When/How

In addition to producing some critically important tools for us, LightBox has been an invaluable thought partner to our organization around our communications and messaging work. They worked with us to craft messaging that we’ve been able to deploy for positive media coverage even in challenging political contexts and tough times for our issues. The team, and Amanda Cooper in particular, bring a thoughtfulness, expertise and joy to each collaboration that have not only made the work products wildly successful, but a pleasure to collaborate around.

— Rachel Peric, Executive Director, Welcoming America