LightBox Collaborative blends smart strategy and skillful facilitation to get your team aligned and focused to make the most of your communications efforts. How can we put together the best blend of solutions for your challenges?


When you ask “why” does everyone have the same answer? Aligning your team is the first step. Then we can help you figure out what to do–and just as importantly what not to do–to reach your audiences and achieve your goals.

Branding & Naming.

Who are you? Have you articulated your vision and values? Do your name and tagline reflect that? Do your logo and other visual markers reflect who you are and resonate with your audiences? If not, we can help.


When people ask what you do, do you know what to say? Or do you trip over yourself trying to pick the right words? How about the rest of your team? When you know so much and care so much about what you do, it can be hard to choose what to say and what to leave out. That’s where we can help.

Capacity Building.

Do you have more to learn? Us too. And we like to share what we know. That’s why we love to train, mentor and coach other leaders and teams to be the best messengers, strategists and spokespeople they can be.


Do you like to win? We do! Let’s work together to develop and execute a strategy to make the change we need in the world.

Tailored Solutions.

Is your challenge not so simple? Some of our best work comes from blending these elements into just the right mix for your needs. We build the right team for every engagement, and every team is flexible on process. We want to address your challenges in ways that are effective and advance equity. We would love to work with you to figure out how to get that done.