At LightBox Collaborative, we hold good ideas up to the light, helping nonprofits, philanthropies, and other do-gooders do better. We have skills and extensive experience developing brand strategies, messaging, and media that make organizations and networks more powerful and effective.

We drive process for results. At Lightbox Collaborative, we believe you don’t have to choose between an inclusive process and timely, meaningful outcomes. Your team is rich with wisdom and experience; our team knows how to cultivate and channel those resources. So our approach is interactive and iterative – it depends on direction and feedback from you and your team along the way to create the most meaningful results for your work.

We tailor our approach to your goals.  You already have what it takes to succeed. It’s our task to dial up the wattage and shed new light to help you engineer wins. The way we work is customized to your needs and your cause. We help you define success, and then we help you realize it.

We have the right toolbox and the right tools. There’s a proverb that says “when the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.” We see it as our job to help you build a bigger, better toolbox to help you solve problems you might not have even recognized yet. And as a collaborative that builds the right team for every job, we can bring hammers to barn raisings and light bulbs to dark rooms. That way you always have the right tools in your toolbox, and you never pay for a tool you don’t need.

We use fun as a catalyst. Though the issues we work on are quite serious, we believe the best way to spark ideas and draw people closer to a cause is to have fun and inspire others.  Through play, we uncover fresh perspectives, surprising truths, and unexpected solutions.

We honor the campsite rule. Our engagements are designed to leave our clients better off than how we found them. After you partner with LightBox Collaborative, you will be better equipped and prepared to meet your challenges than before. And we’ll tell a lot of stories and share a lot of laughs along the way.