Access our free template here. Note: It’s in view-only mode but you can download, print or create a copy to edit.

LightBox Collaborative is thrilled to reintroduce our GAME Plan template, now in accessible, easy-to-use Google Doc format. This isn’t just any template; it’s an evolved version of our tried and tested GAME plan approach which we’ve championed for years. 

If you’re on the lookout for a straightforward planning tool, look no further! Even if you’ve never crafted a formal communications strategic plan, this tool will guide you in setting clear priorities moving forward. 

Everyone on the LightBox team uses this spreadsheet to collaborate with clients and capture strategy discussions. 

Consider this scenario: a colleague suddenly requests a press release, website, or a social media campaign. While such last-minute tactical requests can be daunting, they’re also opportunities. They signify that our peers recognize the value of communications and desire its support. Our role as communicators is to then channel this enthusiasm into a robust strategy.

We need to remember that our colleague’s request might be the only way they know how to ask for communications support. Explain that you could be of even more help if they would answer some questions you have about the project they are requesting:  What impact do you hope this tactic has? Who needs to say yes to make change happen? What ideas and language will move those people? Any ideas about where they get information now?

Answering these questions helps in crafting a solid Communications GAME Plan:

  • Goals – What are you trying to achieve through communications? And how will you know you’ve achieved it?
  • Audience – Who needs to be engaged toward the above goal? Who has the power to get it done? And who influences them?
  • Message – What are we saying to move the audience toward the goal? Is the call to action as clear as can be? Does the message anticipate – and overcome – potential obstacles to engagement?
  • Engagement – What channels and tools will we use to engage the audience in conversation about our message toward the goal?

While it’s tempting to start with engagement due to its tangible nature, true success is rooted in a solid strategy. The GAME Plan is our answer to ensuring that all communication endeavors are strategically aligned. We invite you to explore, adapt, and share our updated GAME plan to enhance your campaigns. We can’t wait to hear about your innovative implementations and welcome any feedback.