As you ease back into the work groove after the holiday break, how are you feeling about your organization’s 2024 communications strategy? Crystal clear or…still finding your way through the post-holiday fog?

Regardless of where you stand, we’ve curated some of our favorite resources to help. Use these tools to fine-tune your plan for the coming year, jump-start your editorial calendar for strong content, and be nimble and responsive to the dynamic communications environment this year is sure to bring.  

  1. Editorial calendar looking a little empty? Leverage our ever-popular Evergreen Editorial Calendar for timeless content planning. This Pop Culture x Social Justice Calendar from Big Bowl of Ideas and this one from Into Action Lab are also solid resources to help you identify the most important political, pop culture, and social justice moments and anniversaries. And here’s a good overview from Nonprofit Marketing Guide on everything you need to know about nonprofit editorial calendars.
  1. Should you make a statement? Whether or not to make a public statement on a pressing issue related to (or adjacent to) your work is a question that many organizations will continue to face. But under what circumstances? And when is it best to amplify other voices? Our blog post on the topic will help you figure it out. Want to write a solidarity statement? We love this helpful guide from Building Movement Project and Solidarity Is.
  1. 2024 is shaping up to be a BIG YEAR. In the run-up to the 2024 presidential election, don’t forget to incorporate key election year dates into your communications calendar.
  1. Spend some time researching 2024 trends that may impact your communication strategy. Of particular note: ReFrames’ just-released 2024 Narrative Predictions Report which forecasts the narrative battles that will shape the year’s significant conversations, stories, and messages.
  1. Use our template to customize your communication plan. After fleshing out your plan, meet with key staff members to address essential questions: What does success look like for you this year? How will you recognize when you’ve achieved it? Fine-tune your strategy with input from the team, and then get to work to advance your messages, stories, and goals in 2024. 

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