When a new nonprofit approached LightBox Collaborative, they came with extensive research under their belt and a game-changing objective: to shift the conversation around homelessness. Recognizing the potential behind this endeavor, we were eager to collaborate and ready to dig in.

The goal? Create a cohesive brand–including a name, tagline, and visual identity– that communicated their mission of getting people on board with real solutions for homelessness. 

First, we embarked on a  branding sprint, combining their knowledge and enthusiasm with our creative and participatory approach.

“Our experiences with LightBox were collaborative, creative, and fun. The branding sprints we did ensured we all understood what a brand is (and isn’t) and helped us define what our projects communicate, do and value. Answering those questions gave us far greater clarity about our work and, in turn, made it much easier to develop our visual identity. By using a range of games and creative brainstorming exercises we did a lot of meaningful work with LightBox in a short time, and we are thrilled with the results.”   – Sarah Armour-Jones, Deputy Director, Housing Narrative Lab

A Name That Reflects Purpose

For any new nonprofit, picking the right name is no easy task since it must serve multiple functions simultaneously: align with the organization’s values, resonate with target audiences, and distinguish itself from the competition.

At LightBox, we think the naming process can be fun (yes, really) and we make it as interactive as possible. Through multiple workshops with the team and discussing the name’s “job responsibilities,” we were able to narrow down options. 

With LightBox’s guidance, the team emerged with the winning name: Housing Narrative Lab, a name that encapsulated their core principles and solidified their position as a rapid response communications hub for housing issues.

Your Name’s Job Description Worksheet: Your name isn’t just a word or phrase, it’s a working part of your brand. One of the best ways to determine if a name choice will work for you is to articulate what it needs to do and use our easytouse worksheet as a filter to determine which name gets the job.

A Brand That Leaves an Impression

While brainstorming for Housing Narrative Lab’s visual identity, it became clear that the team sought a logo that would boldly emphasize their dedication to innovation.

The outcome was a captivating logo reminiscent of a sound wave, representing their commitment to reverberating change.  

The team’s collective efforts also led to the birth of a powerful tagline that captured the essence of Housing Narrative Lab’s mission: “Changing the story, so everyone has a safe place to call home.” This concise yet impactful statement became the guiding light for their narrative transformation work.

Living Their Tagline

With their new brand assets in hand, Housing Narrative Lab wasted no time in living their tagline. 

In their first year alone, their cutting-edge research led to a national study of public understanding of homelessness causes and solutions. They also trained over 50 grassroots and national housing groups to learn how to talk more effectively about homelessness and housing issues. This dynamic approach–coupled with collaborations with journalists, funders, and policymakers– is ensuring that their message continues to resonate widely.

Find out more about the innovative work of Housing Narrative Lab here.  

Is your organization ready for a new name and/or branding? Get in touch: info@lightboxcollaborative.com