Nonprofit branding is essential to increase your organization’s visibility and to build lasting relationships with your supporters. However, we know that creating a memorable brand and using it in all of your digital content marketing can be a challenge, especially if you aren’t the most tech savvy.

You’ll have to bring your brand to life on your website, the main digital headquarters of your nonprofit’s operations. To match your nonprofit website to your brand, you should:

  1. Create a memorable logo.
  2. Use your brand voice.
  3. Maintain consistency.

With these tips, your website will fully represent your brand and create an unforgettable experience for your donors. Let’s get started!

1. Create a memorable logo.

You’ve probably seen the World Wildlife Fund’s cute panda and UNICEF’s inspiring globe — they’re some of the most iconic nonprofit logos in the world!

Your logo is the number one identifier for your brand, so be sure that it represents your organization’s identity and resonates with your audience. A great logo works with your color scheme, and it doesn’t need to be complicated. Simple graphics used in a clever way can make a big impact, like the way that the FedEx logo incorporates an arrow in their negative space.

And don’t forget to think about how your logo will be used in a variety of different places with different backgrounds. Small logos should still be easily identifiable, and you might want options for vertical or horizontal placements, depending on what kind of materials you need.

The branding of your website should serve to reassure your donors that they’re in the right place. With a memorable and unique logo, your donors will quickly connect with your work and feel more comfortable donating.

2. Use your brand voice.

Branding your website isn’t just about your logo and other visual elements — it’s also about the voice you use to talk about your cause. Each nonprofit’s brand voice will vary depending on the persona that the organization wants to convey. For example, a scientific research-focused nonprofit might use a more professional voice while a nonprofit that collects toys for kids might use a humorous or funny tone.

Whatever you decide your brand voice should be, make sure you use it consistently across every part of your website and content! This way, your audience will become more familiar with your brand as they read all about your amazing work.

Incorporating your brand voice within regular blog posts using a strategic, organized, and clear approach not only further establishes your organization among your supporters, but it can also improve your SEO and strengthen your digital marketing efforts. Check out this Cornershop Creative guide on SEO for nonprofits to learn more.

3. Maintain consistency.

Lastly, branding your website successfully requires consistency. According to this Double the Donation resource on online fundraising, consistent branding is one of the most effective ways to secure regular online donations.

In order to maintain consistency, create a brand book with guidelines about typography, color scheme, images, and tone. This way, if a new person joins the team or a current staff member has questions, there are clear instructions they can follow to ensure your website maintains a cohesive aesthetic.

Your website is the central hub for your nonprofit, so it needs to look like it! A well-branded website is the best way to make a great first impression and create lasting relationships with supporters. Check out our favorite nonprofit websites for more inspiring website design.

De’Yonté Wilkinson is Cornershop Creative’s Director of Site Builds. He found his passion for web design and development during MySpace’s heyday, when he helped his friends create awesome profiles. He’s spent the last three years specializing in WordPress and conversion optimization, and is an active proponent of coding guidelines. Cornershop Creative loves working with partners like Lightbox Collaborative to build high quality websites with impactful stories and design.