As many organizations are scrambling to create messaging on the fly, our team had the opportunity to create some video trainings on one of our core offerings:  the GAME Plan. Structured as a four-part series of brief communications workshops, these trainings come complete with examples drawn straight from the headlines, as well as resources and tools to help your organization create a clear communications strategy in support of your advocacy work. 

Today we’re offering an inside glimpse of the GAME Plan trainings in action, in four parts

First up, GOALS. Setting clear goals and aligning your demands is the foundation of any effective advocacy effort. Smart communications strategies are built on clear goals. Take a look.

Next, AUDIENCES. Every advocacy effort hinges on motivating people to take action toward your goal. This session will help you hone in on — and see things from the perspective of — your most important audiences.

After you’ve delineated goals and audiences, it’s time to home in on the MESSAGE. A sharp message helps you break through the noise. Learn the key principles of messaging, as well as simple tool that will you craft messages that connect with your key audiences.

Finally: ENGAGEMENT. An effective communications strategy is about getting your message out. This session offers smart examples of how to engage your audiences, and how organization are extending the reach of their messages through various communications platforms.

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