“There is enough of everything for everyone. And anyone who tells you otherwise, is trying to scare you… because they’re hoarding wealth and power. Economists call it the fixed pie fallacy. The challenge for me is that this fallacy is also underlying some of our most important changemaking work.”

I’m delighted that my talk at frank2020 is now virtually available – have a look:

The theme of frank2020 was emotions: Awe. Fear. Pride. Anger. Love. Hope. What role do these play in the chasm between awareness and action? How do emotions inspire action or apathy? Are we more likely to act out of hope or despair?

While this talk was recorded before the pandemic hit, narratives of abundance have become even more relevant and urgent as we as a nation work to allocate resources: healthcare for those who need it, living wages for essential workers, the protection of housing for all, and much more.

Need to make the case for abundance at your organization? Show this video to the people who need to see it. Scarcity sets us apart, but abundance is what brings us together. Our work for our shared liberation must be grounded in abundance.

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