As we tie a bow around this year and make our plans for next, what will 2019 bring for you and your communications goals?

This year, we’d like to share a special calendar invite to download, share and, most importantly, use. This year’s LightBox Evergreen Editorial Calendar offers 12 months of creative ideas to frame your content and track the schedules for all your publishing channels. Use the clever hooks to help you cut through the clutter in a reporter’s inbox and situate your stories in a meaningful and creative context. Here are a few suggestions on how to use the calendar to tailor your content:

Anniversaries – We love celebrating anniversaries of all kinds. Looking for a creative way to celebrate civil liberties and free speech? Why not tie your piece to May 11th, the 60th anniversary of the first episode of Twilight Zone. Beneath the layers of science fiction, one often finds social commentary and the Twilight Zone, coming of age during the Cold War, often addressed themes McCarthyism and humans living under oppressive governments. Also, groups working on a variety of issues can be inspired to use fiction to address serious issues — and be sure to celebrate those unexpected twists at the end! 

Superlative – First, largest, farthest, never before… we also love things that are grand in scale or haven’t happened before. Have a big dream you want to announce or an idea that’s never been tried before? Why not tie it to Red Planet Day on November 28th? That day marks the launch of Spacecraft Mariner 4 that brought us the first pictures of Mars. Space exploration has catalyzed so much innovation, from kidney dialysis to water purification, and remains one of our country’s biggest dreams. What is your organization’s “big dream” and what can you do on that day to move that dream forward?

Dramatic human interest – Compelling and dramatic stories make a difference. The best type of human-interest story touches on both personal and community transformation. Have a superhuman volunteer you’d like to recognize? Why not tie your action to September 10th, the anniversary of Marvel Comics release of X-Men. The first issue of X-Men introduced us to the group of mutant teenager superheroes who use their powers for the betterment of humanity. This is a perfect day to celebrate a community hero!

Want even more fodder? The Library of Congress and The History Channel both showcase “this day in history,” and for anniversaries specific to civil liberties events, check out Today in Civil Liberties History.

Photo courtesy of Kyle Glenn on Unsplash.

Claudette Silver wants to know what creative dates you’ll add to your Editorial Calendar.