President’s Day is usually a day when we honor America’s presidents. But for those of us who care about clean water and air, a free press, and justice for immigrants, women, Muslims, people of color, and countless other groups that have been systematically targeted by the current this Republican administration, the White House feels pretty drained of honor right now. And it’s only day 30 in their 100 Day Plan.

Back in December and January, LightBox Collaborative offered free live and online intensive trainings to help nonprofits prepare for No. 45‘s first 100 days. If you missed them, you can now watch the First 100 Days webinar below.

The webinar will provide you with a framework for prioritizing, planning, and aligning your team and resources as you prepare for the next 70 days and beyond. You will learn how to use LightBox Collaborative’s campaign strategy tool, the GAME Plan, to refine and realize your vision and plan of action.

So however you’re observing President’s Day today — at a #NotMyPresident protest#ResistanceRecess Town Hall, or retreating to a National Park (free today!), put making a strategic communications plan on your resistance to-do list.