banner_1000x1000The President-Elect seems poised to become President Trump before we know it — and the policies we have feared and fought may well come to pass.

The first 100 days of a new presidency are a time of great focus and attention, and they can make or break a new administration. For people who care about justice – particularly for immigrants, women, people of color, and countless other groups that have been systematically targeted throughout this campaign cycle – this time also presents an important opportunity to show the country and the new administration what we stand for and what we are willing to do about it.

But with so much going on, planning for January 20, 2017 can feel both far away and too soon at the same time. That’s where LightBox Collaborative can help. We’re offering a free intensive training on our campaign strategy tool, the GAME Plan, which will provide you with a framework for prioritizing, planning, and aligning your team and resources as you prepare for the first 100 days of the new administration. We’ll help you refine and realize your vision and plan of action.

We’ll be hosting two webinars; just click on your preferred date to register!

Whether your role is to serve the immediate needs of those who are struggling, to resist bad policies, or to create culture that imagines a better world – with some focused time and a smart framework – we can all be ready to make our mark in those first 100 days and beyond.

Photo courtesy of The Sprout Fund, which is leading a 100 Days of Us campaign & mini grant program for organizations in Pittsburgh. 

amandaLightBox Collaborative partner Amanda is fired up and ready to give ’em hell in the first 100 days!