manifesto-600x363LightBox Collaborative is a networked consultancy holding good ideas up to the light. Because we work together in nontraditional ways, we’re often asked questions about how and why we work together differently. Below you’ll find our manifesto, drawn from the business “unplan” which serves as the foundation of our collaborative practice.

We share it in hope that it can serve as inspiration for your organization’s mission manifesto!

We are LightBox Collaborative and We Believe…

  • In a career of commitment (our own and our clients) to making the world better.
  • In the power of joy: the joy of a good cause well served and the joy of a job well done.
  • In the mutual exchange of value. Each of us contributes, and each of us gains (in client relationships and in relationships amongst collaborators).
  • Success is no replacement for fulfillment. We see work as a means to personal happiness, and this is a key driver for the balance we seek to build between fun and work in our client engagements and in our own lives.
  • Do-gooders can do better, and we can help them based on experience and informed observations that lead to brighter ideas.
  • We can do it with the resources at hand. MacGyver is our kind of hero.
  • The use of money and time (our own and our clients) are expressions of priorities and values, and we should use them as such.
  • Working together is better than going it alone (for the causes we support and in our daily practice as consultants).
  • Our work is better in quality and greater in joy when we bring our whole selves (personality quirks, humanity and all).
  • We believe in sharing our knowledge, our ideas, our networks and our joy with our clients and our collaborators.

What are the beliefs that guide your organization?

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Holly MinchHolly Minch is LightBox Collaborative’s founding partner and wrote the LightBox Collaborative manifesto on the back of a napkin in Mystic, Connecticut.