8478836955_4409eea430Psst! If I told you I’d discovered the secret to making your organization’s messages as effective as Apple’s advertising, would you buy it? Lucky for you I’m not a capitalist. I am going to make the secret available to you for the low, low cost of 10 minutes of your time.

I will show you that the secret ingredient of truly effective communication messaging is all in your head—literally in that mass of gray matter up there. The kicker, however, is which mass of gray matter up there?

Our brain receives 11 million bits of information every minute. Only 40 of them are processed by the rational, ‘thinking’ brain, the neocortex. Our second brain, the limbic system—our ‘emotional’ brain—processes the other 10,999,960 bits of information. Which brain does Apple’s advertising speak to? Which brain do most nonprofit communication messages speak to?

In my talk, Emotional Media, I let you in on the answer and discuss the science of movement messaging.

Einstein said: “the problems we face today cannot be solved with the thinking that created them.”  You, dear do-gooder, are engaged in the pursuit of solving the problems of today. Don’t just think different. Think differently. That is, with an entirely different brain.

Photo courtesy of flickr user Hey Paul Studios

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Darci Andresen is a communications professional and evolutionary biologist who believes that we are all in this together, and that our communication messages should focus on what unites us.