reading_on_beachAt Mission Minded we often refer to ourselves as “branding geeks.” Most of us read branding books for fun—like on the weekends or at the beach, when others would choose to read a juicy novel instead. See what I mean?

You can apply the many benefits of branding to help your nonprofit:

  • raise more money
  • recruit staff and volunteers
  • attract program participants
  • create love for your organization

If you’re curious about what branding really means (and how to reap its rewards), here are some books we really like. Some are old standards, some are newer, and they’ve all informed our thinking about the power of branding and its relevance to every type of nonprofit.

Branding has something to help your work stand out from the crowd, whether you’re part of an educational organization, an LGBT rights group, a social service agency, or any other field. It helps you attract the commitment and support you need to fulfill your organization’s highest potential.

Below are two helpful books about how to conduct effective (and inexpensive) market research:

Here’s a classic about writing clearly:

If you have a favorite to add to this list please, please share it. We’re looking for the next book to geek out on.

. . .

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Jennie Winton is a Founding Partner of Mission Minded and a 20-year marketing veteran sought out for her expertise in branding and positioning nonprofit organizations. She is a regular speaker at SPIN Academy and looks forward to another exciting session this August 27 – 30.