Today many are thinking about resolutions – those promises we make to others and ourselves for better habits, better health, and better relationships in the year ahead.

But more important is resolve. The unwavering commitment to purpose that drives us to keep our promises. Without the resolve to make it happen, a resolution is merely an idea – ephemeral and impermanent.

It takes resolve to make things better.

This is the perseverance and persistence cause-driven leaders and organizations bring to their work for social change. It takes grit and tenacity to realize a commitment to a better idea, to fulfill a new possibility.

On this new day of this New Year, we salute resolve itself.

We look forward to a year of purpose and promise; a year of working together to make things better for our families, our communities, and our nation. The LightBox Collaborative offers deep appreciation for the resolve it takes to, well, resolve the most pressing issues of our day.

. . .

Photo courtesy of Baltimore Fishbowl.

Holly Minch  is LightBox’s founder and wishes you a happy, resolve-filled 2013.