Thank you, Chris Guillebeau.

At your urging, I started the LightBox Collaborative from my living room. You didn’t know you were coaxing me along at every step of the way, but you were. I never, ever would have started this blog, this business, this adventure! without the swift kick in the pants your writing has offered me. So thanks for the discomfort: it’s working out great!

Today, this outfit keeps a bunch of good people working and boasts an impressive client portfolio of awesome do-gooders. All while still proudly operating from the living room (although it’s now officially dedicated as LightBox Collaborative global HQ).

Your encouragement has been a gift. That’s why it was such an honor to be included among the rock stars you profiled in The $100 Startup. It’s why I was completely gobsmacked when you handed me (and 999 other World Domination Summit-eers) $100 to do something that builds community, advances adventure and makes a contribution to the world.  What an amazing bet to make on your community; what a personal vote of confidence in each of us. Like the other 999 in people in that room, I was blown away, humbled, deeply moved. I left Portland with a serious sense of responsibility to make good on that personal investment. Thank you, Chris Guillebeau.

Also: damn you, Chris Guillebeau!

I was just settling into a groove with my current endeavor, drilling in to give the next phase of LightBox Collaborative some focused, disciplined thinking. Then you went and gave me a bit of capital and a big kick-in-the-pants to think about the next awesome thing. Now the wheels are spinning about charity start-ups, pay-it-forward-schemes, how-to books and other juicy-but-totally distracting ideas. Damn you, Chris Gulliebeau!

I’ve already acted the call to action that you gave each of us at the World Domination Summit:

  • I’ve matched my colleague Lauren Girardin’s $100 investment in the City of Awesome.
  • I’ve pledged my birthday for Charity:Water, and my goal is to raise $1000.
  • I am hosting a group of friends at the Ella Awards, to celebrate social change leaders whose achievements build community strength and promote peace, justice and opportunity.

I know that’s hardly enough. I owe that crispy $100 bill a deep responsibility to build community, advance adventure and makes a contribution to the world. But right now, I owe my clients – and promised my team! – focus. My commitment to my present adventure demands my presence. So…

I’m not opening the envelope. Yet. I am holding on to that Benjamin so I can do it justice. Stay tuned for details!

(Image courtesy Holly Minch)

. . .

Holly Minch is LightBox Collaborative’s chief engineer and founder and looks forward to World Domination Summit 2013.