SPIN Academy

If you’ve ever been to the SPIN Academy, the scene to the right probably looks familiar. Taken by Chris Jordan, it features copious amounts of Northern California sunshine filtered through green leaves, the seats around the fire pit at Walker Creek Ranch, and two dedicated communicators for change deep in a lively conversation about how to make the world a better place.

These scenes happen all the time at the SPIN Academy, and I consider myself lucky to have the chance to help plan the fourteenth annual version of the event, taking place this August 21-24 in Petaluma. We’re making some pretty big changes to this year’s event, adding participant-planned and -led sessions, and building out the post-event communications planning support for our participants. We’re also creating a new event this year, SPIN Academy NYC (October 1 -3) in New York City! There won’t be any campfires, but there will be plenty of lively conversation.

Applications for both events are now open on our new website! If you’re a SPIIN Academy alum, could you take a minute to let a colleague know about the opportunity? And if you’ve never been to the SPIN Academy, take another look at the picture above (click to get the full-sized version, which really does it justice), then check out the draft agenda.

What are you waiting for?

(Image courtesy Chris Jordan)

. . .

HeathHeath Wickline is a raconteur at LightBox Collaborative and wants to see you at SPIN Academy this year.