LightBox Collaborative is hosting a series of skills-building workshops at CompassPoint to shed light on communications topics for nonprofits throughout the Bay Area. Our next session, Storytelling for Success (also the subject of this post) is coming up on January 13.
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Storytelling may be as old as time itself, but it’s also one of the strongest communications tools available to your organization.

Well-constructed stories are stronger than statistics, taglines, and logos combined. They’ll stir emotions and tug heart-strings in ways that facts and figures can’t. Heck, even I’ve been a sucker for the right story.

Storytelling is a vital part of nonprofit communications. Here are three of our favorite resources to help you and your organization become more powerful storytellers:

  • Kivi Leroux Miller shares five universal questions people will have about your organization that are best answered with stories. It’s a strong place to start when building your bank of organizational stories.
  • Thaler Pekar & Partners offer tools and tips for persuasive storytelling through personalized, experiential, and highly interactive programs for small to large groups through individual coaching. These tools will strengthen your storytelling muscles.
  • Andy Goodman gives excellent advice in his book, Storytelling as Best Practice, including on building a story bank, on how to use stories to become a better communicator and a more effective presenter.

With these resources, you will be on your way to using stories to portray your big cause at a human scale and weave connections with your entire community.

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Holly Minch is LightBox Collaborative’s chief engineer and founder. She hopes to see you at her January 13 CompassPoint workshop on “Storytelling for Success.”