Tagline Awards

One of the most effective marketing tools for nonprofits and philanthropies is a strong tagline.

A tagline serves two purposes: extending your organization’s name and mission, and delivering a focused, memorable, and repeatable message. Taglines can work as a first step in branding or as a highly effective tool to refresh a nonprofit’s messaging.

Here’s five tips to creating a great tagline:

  1. Keep it simple, sweetheart
    Short, easy-to-remember taglines are the most effective. Taglines work because people repeat them. Don’t over complicate your message or use a vague reference.
  2. Highlight a key benefit
    Keep it specific and describe your purpose. Think BMW’s “Ultimate Driving Machine.”
  3. Write a call to action
    Tell people what to do and they’ll do it. The White House Project uses “Vote. Run. Lead.” American Express tells you “Don’t Leave Home Without It.”
  4. Avoid overused terms
    The most used term in nonprofit taglines is “hope.” Hope is a great thing, but it’s abstract and the term has been beaten to death. Be original—you don’t want your tagline reminding someone of another brand.
  5. Promote a core value
    Foundations, philanthropies, and nonprofits are centered on values. Tell people what you’re all about.

Think your organization has a great tagline? Then enter Getting Attention’s 2010 Nonprofit Tagline Awards! The program is not just designed to award those with the strongest taglines, but provide motivation and models for those looking to improve their own.

Take a few moments now and enter your nonprofit’s tagline. The deadline is July 28.

All entrants receive a free copy of the fully-updated 2010 Nonprofit Tagline Report, by the fantastic Nancy E. Schwartz. It’s a complete guide to building your organizational, program, fundraising, or special event brand in eight words or less. It’s filled with how-tos, don’t-dos, and models for great taglines.