Why LightBox

Imagine some of your favorite photographs. Serene landscapes by Ansel Adams. Haunting portraits of poverty by Dorothea Lange. Images of labor in the urban landscape by Alfred Stieglitz.

Each photographer had a vision, transformed from a photographic negative—itself likely illuminated by a lightbox—into a finely crafted final product that speaks volumes to large audiences. Light brought their ideas to life, and it can do the same for yours.

A lightbox is a lit surface most often used for viewing photo negatives or slides. Just as a photographer uses a lightbox to illuminate negatives, the LightBox Collaborative takes your good ideas and holds them up to the light so that we can help you craft sounds strategies to realize your goals.

We dive deep into your organization’s intentions and purpose. By immersing ourselves into your situation, we are better equipped to illuminate the deep knowledge that you already possess. We believe that our clients have the assets and the expertise on their organizational issues. Our job is to dial up the wattage, and shine a light on your ideas so that you can better connect with public audiences and increase your intended impact.

We honor your expertise and your good intentions to change the world. By sharing a fresh perspective, we hold your good ideas up to the light and inspire others to take part in the solutions. So flip the switch and let’s get started.

(image courtesy Flickr user leonem, Creative Commons)