Making a real difference is the result that matters most. So how can we help you create greater impact?lightbulb_large_4

Whether you’re just getting started, want to pick up more momentum, or are poised to reinvigorate a long-standing initiative, the LightBox Collaborative can bring new energy and clarity of purpose to your cause. We work with you to articulate goals, set effective strategy, and stretch toward excellence.
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STRATEGY: Clarify your focus and align your team.

We can boost your strategic clarity through well-focused questions, shedding light on the political, cultural, and social contexts that shape your strategy. We can help you articulate clear goals, and craft a strategic approach to reach them. We foster team input and alignment so that, together, you gain clarity and reach consensus. We engineer the “A-ha!” moments that lead to meaningful progress within your organization.

ENGAGEMENT: Connect with those that matter.

We can help you identify and understand your stakeholders and constituents. We will pinpoint barriers to collaboration and understanding, and discover ways to overcome them. We can help ensure you’re poised to share your successes with your donors and funders, your constituents, and your community. We can work with your team to foster engagement with those who can help advance your cause.  Because the more people are invested in your cause, the more likely your efforts will achieve impact.

EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATIONS: Get your message heard.

The most effective messages are rooted in smart strategy. We can work with you to enhance the reputation of your organization, and messages to advance your cause.

We can design an effective communications strategy for your organization, program, or campaign. And to ensure your reach those most important to your cause, we can help you with projects like selecting a name and logo, crafting messaging and stories, creating websites or videos, and connecting through social media.

TRAINING AND COACHING: Do it yourself, better.

We can work directly with your organization’s staff and leaders who deliver your message to help them become more confident and compelling spokespeople, to design and give better presentations, and to speak confidently with the media. Whether it’s through group skill-building workshops or individualized coaching, your team will be able to deliver your message loud and clear.