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In the embedded presentations below, LightBox Collaborative’s Holly Minch sharing key concepts in strategic communications and social media. The presentation are designed to be viewed in order, with the content in each building on previous lessons.

1. Your Communications GAME Plan

In this presentation, we introduce the GAME Plan, a tool for strategically organizing your communications efforts. Following a simple, goal-oriented formula, viewers will learn how to identify their key audiences, decide on the best messages to move them to action, and consider how to decide the best way of engaging with them.

2. Message Principles

Too often, organizations working for the public good bury important information in messages that are boring, jargon-filled, and ineffectual. In this presentation, we share some common message mistakes and offer tips on how to avoid them, along with the principles of effective messaging.

3. The Message Wheel

Effective messaging isn’t rocket science—it just requires an audience-focused approach and a clear model to ensure you’re connecting with those who need to hear your message. In this presentation, we share the Message Wheel tool and some tips to help you create effective messages to connect with your audiences.

4. Introduction to Social Media

Wondering what the big deal about social media is? Don’t worry—you’re not alone. In this presentation, we explain the big idea behind social media: it’s a way to forge authentic connections with your constituents at scale.

5. Managing Social Media

The variety and volume of content shared via social media can be overwhelming to the new user. In this presentation, we share some strategies and tools for managing the flow efficiently and effectively.

6. Social Media Strategy Overview

Social media can be an important tool for communicators for the public good, but it’s still just a tool. Getting the most out of it means integrating it into a larger communications strategy. In this presentation, we present a model for developing your own social media plan so that it helps you achieve your larger strategic goals.

7. Social Media Goals, Team and Tools

In this presentation, we walk you through the first three steps in developing a strategic social media plan: deciding which of your communications goals it best supports; deciding on the team who will be tasked with implementing the plan; and putting the right tools in place to help you manage your social media channels.

8. Social Media Listening and Content

Now that you’ve decided on your goals and set up your team and tools, it’s time to dive into social media. But before you can start posting, you need to understand the conversation that’s already happening. In this presentation, we discusse tools for effective social media listening and how to develop a social media content strategy of your own.

9. Social Media Conversation and Measurement

Social media is a process, not a task. In this presentation, Holly discusses the importance of engaging in the ongoing conversations taking place on social media, and how to measure the effectiveness of your social media efforts.

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