lightbulb_2Do you want to change the world, or do you want to have fun? At LightBox Collaborative, we refuse to choose. We believe that the business of social change is serious fun, so we use games and play as catalysts to accelerate the discovery of new solutions to your greatest challenges. We play games to help you achieve wins – not just wins for your efforts, but EPIC WINs for social change.

We use game-based facilitation and the principles of play to lead strategy conversations. Many of our strategy games start with a deck of cards we created to help nonprofits jump-start strategic thinking; engage in real-time, dynamic planning; and identify actionable approaches. LightBox Collaborative uses this card deck to play a variety of games with your team to surface your bright ideas, shed new light on your greatest challenges, and flip the switch that moves your team into action.

We love this popular TED talk from game designer, researcher and best-selling author Jane McGonigal, in which she explains how games can enhance these excellent social change leadership qualities:

  • Urgent optimism to act immediately to tackle a challenge, with the belief that we can succeed;
  • Social trust as we both cooperate and compete with others toward a goal we value;
  • Blissful productivity; the happiness we gain from hard work toward what we care about; and
  • Epic meaning in pursuit of the cause we care about.

Imagine your team as super-empowered, hopeful leaders for change. Imagine an EPIC WIN for your cause. Now let’s imagine how we can arm your team with the means to achieve it through creativity that leads to smart strategy.

C’mon—let’s play a game to plug in to the potential of your ideas.