Go Back to School on LinkedIn: 5 Tips to Refresh Your LinkedIn Profile

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So maybe you sent your youngster off with a new backpack and a thermos. Maybe you shipped your college student off with a few huge suitcases. For you, however, it’s time to get back to the matter at hand –

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Back to School, Back to the Voting Booth

school bus

It’s back to school time, and if you believe the ads, that means shopping. Backpacks, school supplies, clothes and uniforms, lunch boxes, textbooks; the list goes on and on.  No matter what your shopping list looks like, it’s clear that

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Video Training: The Big Picture of Social Media Strategy

Need help seeing the big picture of social media? We at LightBox Collaborative have developed a communications training series that aims to put you on the path to powerful strategic communications. Our first training focused on developing a Communications GAME

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Be a Better Idea DJ


As I watched the DJ at a friend’s wedding change the music to get everyone out of their seats and dancing, I couldn’t help thinking about how strategic communicators and good DJs think in similar ways. Our colleague Beth Kanter

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An Open Letter to Chris Guillebeau


Thank you, Chris Guillebeau. At your urging, I started the LightBox Collaborative from my living room. You didn’t know you were coaxing me along at every step of the way, but you were. I never, ever would have started this

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ROA is the new ROI


“Send your butt to a friend… It could save some someone’s life.” With this opening line, the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada has transformed the way people get information about colon cancer. http://www.getyourbuttseen.ca takes you step by step through photocopying

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Thinking Like a Communicator: SPIN Academy Alumni


I might have spoken my first opinions as a toddler and written my first press release as a 14-year old, but I didn’t become a communicator, with all of the skill and savvy that word represents, until I attended the

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Top 7 Inspirational Moments from Netroots Nation


We heard it called “the college reunion I never had” and that accurately describes an incredible few days in Providence, Rhode Island where thousands of committed progressive organizers, activists and of course bloggers, came together for Netroots Nation 2012. Holly

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The SPIN Academy Turns Fourteen

SPIN Academy

If you’ve ever been to the SPIN Academy, the scene to the right probably looks familiar. Taken by Chris Jordan, it features copious amounts of Northern California sunshine filtered through green leaves, the seats around the fire pit at Walker Creek

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The Goldilocks Principle

logo 100 dollar start up

While “The Lean Start Up” was making a splash in Silicon Valley, Chris Guillebeau was quietly chronicling another new movement from Portland OR… and Austin, TX … and Nauru, South Pacific. Chris is an unconventional entrepreneur, and he makes it

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