Q&A with Helvetika Bold, Social Justice Superhero

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This week, we’re honored to share some ideas from communications superhero, Helvetika Bold. Created by our friends at Opportunity Agenda, Helvetika Bold is the kind of hero our movements need—sassy and strong, outspoken and on-message. Enjoy the tips and tricks

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Think Differently: Why Apple’s Advertising is More Effective Than Your Organization’s Communication Strategy


Psst! If I told you I’d discovered the secret to making your organization’s messages as effective as Apple’s advertising, would you buy it? Lucky for you I’m not a capitalist. I am going to make the secret available to you

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Theory of Change: How I Won the Most Important Campaign Ever

Jackson Dog

Recently the organizers of the Netroots Nation conference asked me to share the story of how I won the most important campaign of my whole life. (Ok, what they really asked me to do was lead a workshop on how

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Joyful Industry

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All too often, many of us think of work as drudgery; slogging toil. Imagine instead what our organizations – indeed our communities and our country – would be like if instead we were able to celebrate the act of working

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Engagement for Your Cause: Earned Media in the Digital Age


After more than 13 years in media – first as a journalist, and then as a media relations professional—I started noticing how traditional earned media coverage just wasn’t cutting it in the digital age. Last month, I turned my observations

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No More Mushy, Middle-of-the-Road Messages


“Be who you are, and say what you feel, because those who mind, don’t matter and those who matter, don’t mind.” -Dr. Seuss As this video of my Netroots Nation 2013 plenary session shows, there are things we can do

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Branding Books You’ll Love


At Mission Minded we often refer to ourselves as “branding geeks.” Most of us read branding books for fun—like on the weekends or at the beach, when others would choose to read a juicy novel instead. See what I mean?

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Are you an Acme or a Wawa?


Communications professionals know that jargon is a problem. We don’t want to alienate people with unfamiliar or confusing language. Jargon destroys our ability to communicate clearly and effectively, and most of us think we do a good job of avoiding

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Less Dread, More TED: 5 Smart Tips for a Great 10-slide Presentation


We all feel the temptation: let’s lean on our PowerPoint or Word document to tell our story for us. Humans are wonderful storytellers, but unfortunately bulleted lists and overstuffed charts are definitely not. Nonprofit storytelling consultant Andy Goodman illustrates this

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Interdependence Day – Better Together


At this time each year, many across our nation celebrate the ideal of independence. Some of us celebrate the independence of our country, while others celebrate more personal expressions of autonomy and liberty. (Personally, I take great delight in marking

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