Big Shots and Big Ideas: Could a Celebrity Connection Advance Your Cause?

62nd Venice Film Festival - Opening Gala & Seven Swords Premiere

Celebrities, superstars and pop culture icons. Whatever we call them, they are the big shots that make headlines and whose names we know even when we’ve only seen them on TV. And as Jodi Foster’s recent “coming out” at the

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Unlikely Victory – Inland Congregations United for Change


For an even more in-depth look at what we do, we offer a case study of our partnership with a PICO California affiliate. This is the story of how Inland Congregations United for Change won an unlikely victory for immigrant

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Without Resolve, Resolutions Are Just Wishful Thinking


Today many are thinking about resolutions – those promises we make to others and ourselves for better habits, better health, and better relationships in the year ahead. But more important is resolve. The unwavering commitment to purpose that drives us

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Giving When It Does the Most Good


As a consultant to nonprofits, I’m on more than my fair share of end-of-year appeal lists. Just yesterday, I opened envelopes from an organization working for economic justice, one busy fighting for the rights of immigrants, and two others busy

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Set Your Communications Agenda with LightBox Collaborative’s 2013 Editorial Calendar


The LightBox Collaborative 2013 Editorial Calendar is here! Three years ago, we released our first editorial calendar with the hopes that our fellow nonprofit communicators would be inspired to think of new and interesting ways to get their message out,

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Giving Thanks All Year Long


Thanksgiving is here again, and in addition to making my grocery list, I’m making a list of organizations and causes that I’m committing to expressing my gratitude for all year long. One of the best perks of our work here

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Endorsing an Idea, the Right to Vote


A long time ago-well, 2006, which certainly feels like a long time ago-Holly and I helped our colleagues at the Opportunity Agenda with an early articulation of their “Opportunity Frame” by creating a communications toolkit for them. One of my

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Vote for Us! Navigating the Ballot for the Future of Families


This is the most expensive election in history, and the vast majority of that spending is on communications. Endless television ads, overflowing mailboxes and phone calls from robots are all results of efforts to influence your vote.  But even with

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How to Change Hearts and Minds? Road Trip!

road trip

We’ve been doing lots of thinking about the power of conversations as means to create lasting social change. In partnership with the Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund and the Breakthrough Conversations Project, we’ve engaged in rigorous research and testing

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Video Training: Managing Social Media

Feel like managing social media for your organization is like drinking from a firehose? This third video training in our series offers some strategies and tools for efficiently managing the variety and volume of social media. For example, using smart

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