Branding Books You’ll Love


At Mission Minded we often refer to ourselves as “branding geeks.” Most of us read branding books for fun—like on the weekends or at the beach, when others would choose to read a juicy novel instead. See what I mean?

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Are you an Acme or a Wawa?


Communications professionals know that jargon is a problem. We don’t want to alienate people with unfamiliar or confusing language. Jargon destroys our ability to communicate clearly and effectively, and most of us think we do a good job of avoiding

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Less Dread, More TED: 5 Smart Tips for a Great 10-slide Presentation


We all feel the temptation: let’s lean on our PowerPoint or Word document to tell our story for us. Humans are wonderful storytellers, but unfortunately bulleted lists and overstuffed charts are definitely not. Nonprofit storytelling consultant Andy Goodman illustrates this

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Interdependence Day – Better Together


At this time each year, many across our nation celebrate the ideal of independence. Some of us celebrate the independence of our country, while others celebrate more personal expressions of autonomy and liberty. (Personally, I take great delight in marking

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Case Story: Family Equality Council


Nonprofits and foundations make a difference not just through what they do. They also make a difference with what they say. Is your organization using its credibility on behalf of your community? Here’s how one national nonprofit stepped up to

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SPIN Academy Alumni – Where Are They Now?


Our friends at the SPIN Academy are celebrating their 15th Anniversary by celebrating those closest to them – their alumni! We at LightBox Collaborative are happy to share with you some of their featured alumni and a way you can

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The Art of Meaningful Video Stories


Making a video can be one of the cheapest and easiest ways you can increase your exposure. That being said, creating a video can be daunting and seemingly complex; so here are a few things to think about that make

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SPIN Academy turns 15 – Applications Now Open


When I helped start the SPIN Academy fifteen years ago, we had a heckuva time convincing folks that they should set aside three days in the woods to talk about nonprofit communications. It just wasn’t a topic on folks’ radar

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Take Charge of Your Editorial Process as Air Traffic Control


How can nonprofits and philanthropies keep their content production flying smoothly? How can organizations more effectively run their own communications channels and create amazing content? At the recent 2013 NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC), I spoke to attendees about ways

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Build Your Airport: Content Strategy to Help Your Content Take Flight


Later this week, I’ll be talking with attendees at the 2013 NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) about techniques that nonprofits can use to help their content take flight. During the session, “Air Traffic Control: How to Guide Your Content from

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