A Resolution for Greater Collaboration


The New Year is, of course, a time when many of us contemplate new beginnings and new intentions. But this year, we’ve been thinking about old goals; right back to the founding of our organization. At LightBox Collaborative, we work

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A Different Kind of Wish List


I admit it. I have an online wish list, populated by items that I would like to own. Frivolous, beautiful things, mostly. Or a practical extravagance (stand mixer anyone?) that makes me seem industrious, craving the right tools for the

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My Holidays, Simplified: More Connection, Less Stuff


For me – like many of my modern American peers – the holidays have become synonymous with frazzled travel, frantic list-making and anxious overdoing of gifts and goodies. It’s exhausting and not at all celebratory. This year, I’ve been inspired

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Become Your Own Publishing Powerhouse with LightBox Collaborative’s 2014 Editorial Calendar

Dafine Cholet Calendar

The 2014 LightBox Collaborative Editorial Calendar has arrived! When we first launched our Editorial Calendar four years ago we had no idea it would become so popular. Since its release in 2011, our free content scheduling tool has been downloaded and

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Finding the Common Ground

Marc Wathieu

The first thing we tell anyone focused on messaging is to talk about values in order to find common ground. The first question we then get back is: how do we find common ground when our values seem so different?

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Q&A with Helvetika Bold, Social Justice Superhero

HB 1

This week, we’re honored to share some ideas from communications superhero, Helvetika Bold. Created by our friends at Opportunity Agenda, Helvetika Bold is the kind of hero our movements need—sassy and strong, outspoken and on-message. Enjoy the tips and tricks

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Think Differently: Why Apple’s Advertising is More Effective Than Your Organization’s Communication Strategy


Psst! If I told you I’d discovered the secret to making your organization’s messages as effective as Apple’s advertising, would you buy it? Lucky for you I’m not a capitalist. I am going to make the secret available to you

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Theory of Change: How I Won the Most Important Campaign Ever

Jackson Dog

Recently the organizers of the Netroots Nation conference asked me to share the story of how I won the most important campaign of my whole life. (Ok, what they really asked me to do was lead a workshop on how

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Joyful Industry

fun sign

All too often, many of us think of work as drudgery; slogging toil. Imagine instead what our organizations – indeed our communities and our country – would be like if instead we were able to celebrate the act of working

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Engagement for Your Cause: Earned Media in the Digital Age


After more than 13 years in media – first as a journalist, and then as a media relations professional—I started noticing how traditional earned media coverage just wasn’t cutting it in the digital age. Last month, I turned my observations

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