This Day in History: Should You Launch Your Campaign Today?

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing, and news outlets across the country will carry tributes and survivors’ stories. But what if your organization had planned to launch a new campaign tomorrow or hold a press

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Strategy Fit for a Fool

Tarot Fool

On April 1st a few years ago, I skillfully convinced a friend that she’d been selected to audition for Dancing with the Stars. I drafted a fake email chain that included the date, time and location of her audition along with contact info for

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Sustaining the Fun


Recently I wrote about the power of play to accomplish our goals. It’s the way we roll at LightBox Collaborative, and I figured it would work in my personal life too. In my case, the goal was to live a

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Fun Can Help You Get the Job Done


At LightBox Collaborative we like to have fun, with a purpose. Our games-based facilitation helps clients think differently about their goals. And we counsel clients that the fun doesn’t have to stop once the strategy’s been formed—play can be a

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Your Solution to Capacity Challenges: Strategy!

Chess Board BW

In our work with organizations almost every leader tells us that their primary challenge is capacity. They say something along the lines of, “we have so many ideas and so much opportunity, but we just don’t have the staff and

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Collaboration Adds Capacity and Content

school of fish

As you know, LightBox Collaborative is aiming to be even more collaborative this year. One way we are going to accomplish this is by having a different LightBox Collaborator curate our social media every month to spur conversation, share fresh

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Putting the We in I: Using Personal Narrative to Tackle Difficult Issues


A group of middle school students were given four choices, along with the hypothetical sum of $5 million dollars. The question before them was simple: how would you spend the money to help kids do better in school?  The options presented to the students

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A Resolution for Greater Collaboration


The New Year is, of course, a time when many of us contemplate new beginnings and new intentions. But this year, we’ve been thinking about old goals; right back to the founding of our organization. At LightBox Collaborative, we work

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A Different Kind of Wish List


I admit it. I have an online wish list, populated by items that I would like to own. Frivolous, beautiful things, mostly. Or a practical extravagance (stand mixer anyone?) that makes me seem industrious, craving the right tools for the

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My Holidays, Simplified: More Connection, Less Stuff


For me – like many of my modern American peers – the holidays have become synonymous with frazzled travel, frantic list-making and anxious overdoing of gifts and goodies. It’s exhausting and not at all celebratory. This year, I’ve been inspired

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