Talking with Friends and Family to Change Hearts and Minds


All of us working for social justice are seeking good answers to this question: how can we influence changes in attitudes toward values we hold dear, like love, community, family, freedom to be our best selves, and equal opportunity under

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Do Your Fundraisers and Program Staff Speak with One Voice?


The re-emergence of Newt Gingrich takes me back to his earlier heyday in 1994. That’s when he took out his Contract On America. (OK, he called it the Contract With America, but “on” is so much more accurate in so

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“Communications Staff or a Staff That Communicates?”


This quote from Rick Moyers at Meyer Foundation captures the key question that many nonprofit leaders are asking in today’s multi-platformed world. Media and communications opportunities seem to change almost daily. Is your organization’s staff keeping up? Many organizations hire

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Would You Rather Be Leaderless or Leader-full?

A glass half full

The Occupy Wall Street movement has captured the curiosity of the media, as well as the imagination of social change activists across the country. This is in no small part because of the new model of organizing that the 99%

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Boost Your Voice With LightBox Collaborative’s 2012 Editorial Calendar


Last year, we offered an editorial calendar designed to support nonprofit communicators to act as their own publishers. Over the course of the past year we have continued to test this format with our clients and refine it. And, now,

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The leader’s role in communicating change

leaders role in communicating change

In honor of National Nonprofit Executive Director Appreciation Day, we’re pleased to share some ideas about the important role that organizational leaders play in effective communications, particularly during times of change. Since change is just about the only constant that

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Full-spectrum communication

Just as light needs to include a full spectrum in order to show the world around us in its true colors, an organization’s communication needs to include a full spectrum of messages in order to best illuminate its work. At

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New communications video trainings. First up: Your GAME Plan

Recently, a pattern emerged that we couldn’t help but notice. We’re being asked, again and again, to speak about the building blocks of strategic communications. First it was the more than 200 program staff (most of them not communications folks)

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The media can’t figure out how to cover Occupy Wall Street and it’s all my fault

First there was no coverage of the Occupy Wall Street protests. Now there’s tons of coverage and it’s endlessly frustrating. The media keep asking, “What do they want? What are their demands? What will make them go home? Why zombies?”

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A peek into LightBox Collaborative’s book bag

If you whiled away your summer engrossed in guilty-pleasure books that turned your brain to mush, fear not! The folks at LightBox Collaborative have gathered our favorite messaging and strategic communications books to help you get your brain primed for

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