What’s Your Story?

Storytelling Models, Methods and Tools Storytelling, it seems, is the latest communications craze to hit the non-profit world. All of a sudden, words we haven’t heard since Lit 101 are being bandied about at board meetings, on philanthropy blogs, and

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SPIN Academy South: Reframing the Immigrant Rights Conversation

The LightBox Collaborative team is in Georgia this week, leading communications trainings as part of the 2014 SPIN Academy South. Organizations working for immigrant rights and their allies in the Southeastern United States are participating in this four-day, invitation-only residential

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News Flash: Refugee Stories Have Happy Endings

Americans have a lot of sympathy for the refugee experience. Just the word “refugee” conjures images in our head of crowded camps and sad eyed children. But are those images accurate? And more importantly, are they helpful? The truth is,

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Engage the Supporters You Already Have: Who’s your low-hanging fruit?

Most of the organizations at which I’ve been an employee have been somewhat obsessed with reaching new audiences. The goals probably sound familiar: grow our lists; get new subscribers; connect with more people. The quest for increasing numbers can consume

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All Hail the Chief Storyteller!

There’s an intriguing trend on the horizon: an increasing number of organizations are recognizing and elevating the importance of storytelling by codifying it into a leadership role. More and more groups are installing a Chief Storyteller. Examples abound: I temporarily

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Storytelling, Rebranding, and the Google Impact Challenge: Q and A with SPIN Academy Alum Mission Asset Fund

Applications for SPIN Academy 16 open today! SPIN alumni return to their organizations with new skills, exciting ideas, and a network of fellow change makers. SPIN alum Tara Robinson, Chief Development Officer, Mission Asset Fund fills us in on how

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The Mission Manifesto: A bold statement of beliefs for your organization

I have a confession: I love mission-driven organizations, but I really hate their mission statements. How did the bold declaration of “We’re on a mission to change things!” wilt into the mess of weasel words and passive voice found in

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The LightBox Collaborative Manifesto

LightBox Collaborative is a networked consultancy holding good ideas up to the light. Because we work together in nontraditional ways, we’re often asked questions about how and why we work together differently. Below you’ll find our manifesto, drawn from the

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Movement Building via… Your Closet?

Earlier this year, Peers.org asked LightBox to help design a campaign that would showcase and celebrate the power of sharing. Since we believe that fun is the best way to draw folks into your campaign, we brainstormed ideas that would demonstrate what the

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This Day in History: Should You Launch Your Campaign Today?

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing, and news outlets across the country will carry tributes and survivors’ stories. But what if your organization had planned to launch a new campaign tomorrow or hold a press

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