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Strengthen Your Campaign Funny Bone


Twenty-nine years ago, we met The Simpsons. It happened during a roughly sketched minute-long short on the Tracey Ullman Show. One by one, Bart, Homer, Marge, Lisa and Maggie introduced us to their hilariously dysfunctional yet relatable family. Can you

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Putting Tax Day to Work for Your Cause


It’s true. Few of us get excited about the idea of paying taxes.  Yet it’s also true that tax dollars can be a vehicle to fund the common good. Every issue we care about in our communities – from environmental

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Mission Accomplished with the Audience Dossier

Top Secret Mission Documents

There comes a moment in every James Bond film when “M” hands 007 an important file: the dossier. A packet containing everything our hero needs to know in order to accomplish his mission. If only changemakers had it so easy!

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New Tools for Conversations About Bias, Race and Change


Yesterday was the day we celebrated the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King. That holiday inspires a lot of discussion about race and racism, but those are conversations that need to continue all year long. But we know

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New Excitement for the New Year

Dustin Lee image

It’s that dreaded first week of January. We’ve taken down the tinsel, the weather is gray and it can feel like life has lost some of its glow. My Facebook feed is full of gifs of the morning struggle. Though

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Coordinate Your Team with the 2016 LightBox Collaborative Editorial Calendar


At LightBox Collaborative we’re big fans of fostering a staff that communicates. Team members across our organizations are all communicating all the time; engaging in conversations across multiple platforms, working among multiple audiences to build credibility and influence for our

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3 Tricks for Fearless Ghost Writing


If you work in the communications field long enough, you’ll end up doing a lot of ghost writing. Be it blog posts, social media status updates, press statements, or speeches, you will be expected to put words in someone else’s

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Words Matter; Choose Well with “Say This Not That”


Ever had one of those “wouldn’t it be great if…” moments? An idea that would make life easier, more connected, more fulfilling or fun? Yee Won Chong had one of those moments right about this time last year: wouldn’t it

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5 Communications Lessons from the Smoking Ban


On Sunday morning, I enjoyed a smoke-free brunch with friends. We didn’t choke down second-hand smoke with our waffles and no one even bothered to ask us if we wanted to sit in the smoking section. Because Sunday marked the 25th

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Building Leaders Communicating for Change


This summer, the LightBox Collaborative team is pleased to continue our partnership with the SPIN Academy to teach people working for social change how to use communications to achieve their goals. An event-driven nonprofit, SPIN Academy calls on the LightBox

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