Theory of Change: How I Won the Most Important Campaign Ever

Jackson Dog

Jackson Dog hard at work in the LightBox Collaborative offices.

Recently the organizers of the Netroots Nation conference asked me to share the story of how I won the most important campaign of my whole life. (Ok, what they really asked me to do was lead a workshop on how to develop a theory of change, but I told this story anyway.)

For years, I wanted a dog. But my landlord forbade it, and given how much I travel my husband wasn’t too keen on the idea either… But I was resolved, so I set about launching a campaign to Get. A. Dog.

You can learn how I did it, and follow the inner workings of my campaign strategy on SlideShare here.

Spoiler alert: the campaign was an epic win.

(Email readers can connect to the SlideShare via our blog.)

Photo courtesy of  Holly Minch

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Holly MinchHolly Minch is LightBox’s founder and celebrates Jackson Dog as an Epic Win.

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    Love this game

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