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Apply now for the 19th Annual SPIN Academy!

Today, applications open for the 19th Annual SPIN Academy, a training program that brings together nonprofit professionals from across the country working on a diverse set of progressive issues. Over the four-day retreat, the SPIN Academy supports the development of nonprofit

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Start Here: Top 10 Resources to Change the Conversation About Race

On Election Day, we resolved to dedicate our blog to the discussion of racism and the use of strategic communications as a lever to dismantle it. As our first Black president says goodbye and we brace for Donald Trump, this

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At Cal, Back-to-School Starts with Inclusion

Over the past several weeks, students across the nation have come back to school. And as students have returned to campus at the University of California at Berkeley, they’ve been greeted with messages designed to create a more welcoming environment

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The First Question in Crisis Communications

When clients come to us asking for help with crisis communications, our response is often to talk them out of working with us. While this might not be great for business, it is smart strategy. In this highly-engaged, easily-enraged communications

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Strengthen Your Campaign Funny Bone

Twenty-nine years ago, we met The Simpsons. It happened during a roughly sketched minute-long short on the Tracey Ullman Show. One by one, Bart, Homer, Marge, Lisa and Maggie introduced us to their hilariously dysfunctional yet relatable family. Can you

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Focus on What You Want (Not What You Don’t)

Despite my accident-prone nature, I’ve spent a lot of time on the gorgeous single-track mountain biking trails of Bend, Oregon. One basic rule kept me from maiming myself: Look where you want to go. Focus on the space between the

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New Tools for Conversations About Bias, Race and Change

Yesterday was the day we celebrated the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King. That holiday inspires a lot of discussion about race and racism, but those are conversations that need to continue all year long. But we know

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3 Tricks for Fearless Ghost Writing

If you work in the communications field long enough, you’ll end up doing a lot of ghost writing. Be it blog posts, social media status updates, press statements, or speeches, you will be expected to put words in someone else’s

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Words Matter; Choose Well with “Say This Not That”

Ever had one of those “wouldn’t it be great if…” moments? An idea that would make life easier, more connected, more fulfilling or fun? Yee Won Chong had one of those moments right about this time last year: wouldn’t it

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